. digiSeal®server: software for automated e-signature & e-seal
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digiSeal®server: software for automated e-signature & e-seal

  • Powerful generation and verification of electronic signatures, e-seals, timestamps and more
  • Against cyber-document falsification
  • Manipulation protection and proof of copyright
  • For centralized automated processes and/or large document volumes (“mass signature”)
  • Compliant with EU regulation eIDAS

Continuous document protection with digiSeal®server

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digiSeal®server features


Electronic signature

Automated signing of large quantities of documents ("mass signature"), e.g. with signature cards, HSM, soft certificates, USB tokens.



Central sealing according to eIDAS-VO (e-seal holder is a legal entity) of large quantities of documents. Sealing authorisations can easily be issued and revoked for persons.

Time stamp

Time stamp

The content of a document or data record is verifiably "frozen" at an "official" time using a time stamp. The time stamp comes from a qualified trust service provider or trust center.


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Automated verification of signatures, e-seals and time stamps according to eIDAS-VO incl. test documentation as PDF/A or XML and "augmentation" (enrichment of the document with validation data for the archive).



The automated data encryption based on strong state-of-the-art cryptography methods protects against unauthorized access and snooping.

Individual step

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Individual step

With the integration of third-party components, any other functions such as file conversion (e.g. TIFF2PDF/A) or the embedding of a barcode can be integrated into the processing process.

Integration into existing systems

Integration in e.g. DMS, ERP, workflow, scan software and archive via…

  • Web service for web-based solutions
  • Transparent Programming Interface (C-API)
  • Java-, C#- oder Python-Wrapper
  • Directories (“Hot folder”)
  • Connectors (e.g. for SAP)
  • Existing integrations with third-party software

Qualified E-Seal
on Hardware Security Module (HSM)

Solution package consisting of HSM Utimaco CryptoServer CP5 and server software digiSeal®server

  • On-site use at the customer’s site (“on premise”) in secure data center operation
  • For high-volume and flexible applications
  • HSM enables up to 3,000 RSA or 2,500 ECDSA seal operations per second in bulk mode
  • Powerful alternative to E-seal cards

Convenient remote operation

You simply configure your individual processing processes with the desired functions.

If you have several processes, you can operate and monitor them in parallel.

The role concept with differentiated access rights for administrator and user allows you to assign and revoke rights, e.g. to use a central e-seal.

digiSeal®server application examples

  • Mass documents, such as bank statements, business invoices, pay slips
  • Official notices, attestations, documents, certificates, discharge letters
  • Replacement scanning (with integrity assurance according to BSI TR-RESISCAN)
  • Recordings of conversations (audio files), e.g. consultations on consumer loans
  • Business correspondence, outgoing and incoming mail
  • Automated verification and augmentation before archiving

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