. digiSeal office - Signature software for signing, sealing and time stamping
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digiSeal office - Signature software for signing, sealing and time stamping

  • Legally binding signature for the digital world
  • No more printing, signing and scanning
  • Qualified and advanced electronic signature and seal e.g. of PDF documents
  • Complies with EU regulation eIDAS
  • Maximum protection against manipulations (integrity) and assuring authorship (authenticity)

Simple signing of documents

  • »Thanks to digiSeal®office, we have been able to speed up our document approval process and save time and money.«

    Harald Zeirzer, Salzburg AG

digiSeal®office features

  • Generating and checking digital signatures, electronic seals and time stamps
  • Can be used with common signature cards
  • Any document formats can be signed (e.g. PDF)
  • Visual stamp (e.g. logo, coat of arms, lettering)
  • Multiple signatures in one document
  • Secure PIN entry directly on the smart card reader
  • Encryption and decryption of documents
  • Simply create PDF/A e.g. from Word
  • Signing individual documents
  • PIN entry per document
  • With single signature card

digiSeal®office pro DigiSeal Office Pro  - secrypt GmbH

  • Batch signature
  • Single PIN entry per document batch
  • Each document receives its own signature
  • With multisign card (multiple signature card)
  • Do you pursue a project with centralized, automated processes and/or a large number of documents?

Integration into existing systems

Integration e.g. in DMS, ERP, capture, scan software, workflow, HIS, PVS, laboratory, archive via…

  • Programming Interface (C-API)
  • Java-, C#- or Python-wrappers
  • Printer driver for all printable applications
  • Connectors (e.g. for SAP)
  • Existing integration with third-party software

Examples of use

  • Contracts, business correspondence
  • Physician’s letters, diagnostic reports, findings, laboratory requirements, patient files
  • Electronic invoices, e-procurement and online tenders
  • Quality management (QM) documents
  • Waste verification documents
  • Construction drawings and building plans
  • Complaints, requests for reminders, notices, examination certificates
  • Scanning and signing existing files (TR-RESISCAN)

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