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Conservation of evidence in the e-archive - secrypt GmbH

  • Proof of document content and authors over decades
  • Complete chain of proof based on state-of-the-art cryptography
  • Use of official time stamps of qualified trusted service providers (e.g. D-TRUST)
  • Basis: international LTANS/ERS standard, TR-ESOR cryptomodule of the BSI and EU regulation eIDAS-VO
  • Product solution for preservation of evidence: digiSeal®archive


A large number of documents and files must be archived in companies, authorities, health care institutions and in the social security sector over long periods of time. For this purpose, the content (“integrity”) and the author (“authenticity”) of the digital document must be verified after decades, if necessary.


The content status of digitally archived data is symbolically “frozen” by means of regular time stamping. The procedure is based on international standards and ensures an efficient procedure: Several documents – for example all documents of one day – are “combined” and provided with a single time stamp. This means that it is not necessary for each document to have an individual time stamp, which would be very time-consuming for many documents. secrypt GmbH offers the software solution digiSeal®archive for long-term preservation of evidence.

digiSeal®archive procedure

Application scenarios

  • Patient files in the hospital
  • Verification documentations
  • Civil-status records
  • Land registry entries
  • Patent applications
  • Quality management documents, QM documents, e.g. pharmaceuticals
  • Building and construction drawings
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