. E-signatures, E-seal & timestamps for the health care sector
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E-signatures, E-seal & timestamps for the health care sector

  • Secure conclusive digital patient file with e-signature and e-seal
  • Legally compliant electronic signing of digital doctor’s letters, reports, etc.
  • E-seal for the protection of digital documents in external relationships, e.g. discharge letters
  • Patient signature on tablet in the admission
  • Replacement scanning of existing files including integrity protection (TR-RESISCAN)
  • Secure electronic archiving with qualified time stamps
  • »Integrity assurance and revision security of digital data play a special role in our digital archive. With secrypt we have found a competent solution partner.« Andreas Henkel Head of Information Technology,
    University Hospital Jena

  • »With digiSeal®archive we strengthen the trust in digital documents and approach the topic of electronic signatures in a pragmatic way.«

    Folkert Hoim
    Head of IT, Lahn-Dill-Kliniken GmbH

  • »The e-physician letter process with qualified electronic signature could be integrated ergonomically and practically into our workflow.«

    Prof. Dr. Andreas Gerstner
    Head Physician at the ENT Clinic,
    Braunschweig Municipal Hospital

Application scenarios in health care

Sign documents at the workplace

Sign e-doctor’s letters, findings, laboratory requirements, etc. individually or in batches electronically with a health professional card (HBA) or other signature cards (e.g. from D-TRUST).

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Replacing scanning of paper files

Replacing existing files and current documentation including integrity protection and scanning with high evidence value (e.g. according to TR-RESISCAN and the recommendations of GMDS).

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Signature on the tablet

Digital patient admission: Sign treatment contracts and information forms on the tablet.

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Central e-seal

Server-based centralized e-sealing of documents, e.g. discharge letters, externally and for the e-archive with digiSeal®server.

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Timestamp in the e-archive

Inventory files and continuous backup of the long-term evidence value of patient data in the electronic archive with digiSeal®archive.

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In clinics, hospitals, medical practices, medical treatment centres and laboratories, numerous documents are produced on a daily basis, both in electronic and paper form, such as medical letters, findings, applications, expert opinions, invoices and many more.
E-signatures, e-seals and timestamps provide a high evidential value for the digital archiving of these documents. Medical institutions can use these tools both to avoid the formation of paper and to scan and digitize existing paper documents. Current legal practice in Germany shows that the framework conditions for the use of electronic patient records – digitally generated or scanned – are sufficiently fulfilled.

E-signature in the IT infrastructure

Which signature type is the right one?

In addition to the use of the “qualified” signature to achieve evidence security, other procedures, such as the “advanced” signature or signing on a signature pad (e.g. in patient admission), can also be applied in a meaningful and legally compliant manner under conditions related to the application.

Legal framework

The legal requirements of a normative nature, such as the EU regulation eIDAS-VO, as well as the guidelines of the GMDS (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Medizinische Informatik, Bietrie und Epidemiologie e.V.), BVMI, bvitg, CCeSiG, BVA and other associations and institutions with recommendation character are taken into account.

Signature integration in HIS, PVS, DMS,
Laboratory & Archive

  • Web service for web-based solutions
  • Transparent Programming Interface (C-API)
  • Java-, C#- or Python-Wrapper
  • Directories (“Hot folder”)
  • Connectors (e.g. for SAP)
  • Existing integrations with third-party software

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