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Sign documents electronically, individually or in batches - secrypt GmbH

  • E-signature = The signature in the digital world
  • It reliably verifies the author and protects the document from manipulation
  • Simple electronic signing of contracts, offers, expert opinions, medical letters, QM documents, construction drawings, notices, invoices, etc.
  • Evidential and traceable for third parties
  • The so-called “qualified” electronic signature is the safest variant with the highest evidential value
  • Compliant with EU regulation eIDAS

Which solution is the right one?

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Generally required equipment

Signature card

Card reader

Signature software

How do I get a signature card?

A signature card is required for the “qualified” electronic signature. This card can be obtained from a qualified trusted service provider, e.g. from D-TRUST, Bundesdruckerei’s certified trust centre.
Caution: There are different signature card variants. Depending on the application, the suitable card must be selected (single or multi-signature card).
After successful identification and registration by the trusted service provider, the signature card and a separate PIN letter are sent by post.

How do I sign a document?

Open the document (e.g. PDF) with the signature software digiSeal®office, insert the signature card into the card reader and enter the signature PIN (similar to entering the PIN at an ATM with an EC card).

  • Order signature card

  • Receive signature card and PIN letter

  • Start signature software digiSeal office and open PDF

  • Insert signature card into card reader, press "sign" button and enter signature PIN

  • Done: The PDF document is electronically signed!

You want to sign a few individual documents?

Single signature card

Card reader

Signature software

You have a few more documents that you want to sign in batches?

Multi-signature card

Card reader

Batch Signing Software

Are you pursuing a major signature project?

For example, if your project comprises a large number of documents, many users or workstations, automated processes or the preservation of evidence value of digital documents with time stamps in an e-archive, we will be happy to advise you and develop an individually tailored solution.

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Which signature type is suitable?

The “qualified” signature is the most secure type of signature with the highest evidential value. Depending on the application scenario, other signature types such as the “advanced” signature or signing on a signature pad or tablet (“biometric” signature) can also be used meaningfully and allow further applications (e.g. digital patient signatures in hospitals). In addition, the EU regulation eIDAS-VO enables the “qualified” remote signature via smartphone (similar to online banking) as an alternative to the signature card.

Remote signature with smartphone

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Biometric signature on tablet

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