. E-signature for protected documents in industry and engineering
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E-signature for protected documents in industry and engineering

  • Manipulation protection and proof of copyright through secure signature tools
  • No paper, acceleration and cost reduction thanks to media-break-free processes
  • Legal compliance according to EU regulation eIDAS-VO
  • Internationally standardized solutions for industry & engineering
  • Easily integrate e-signatures into workflows with digiSeal products

Application scenarios in industry & engineering

Dokumente elektronisch unterschreiben im Einsatzszenarien im Industrie & Ingenieurwesen

Sign and release documents electronically

Digitally sign and approve contracts, QM documents, design drawings, construction plans, orders, instructions and other documents at the workplace individually or in batches.

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Protect electronic business invoices

Protect e-bills against cyber-document forgery and guarantee integrity and authenticity according to VAT legislation (UStG §14 and MwStSystRL).

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Unterschrift auf dem Tablet im Industrie & Ingenieurwesen

Signature on the tablet

Simple, convenient and familiar signing with a pen on a tablet, e.g. of operating and work instructions in a company.

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E-seal: The digital stamp

The digital company stamp for legal entities reliably proves the origin and integrity of documents, e.g. in the case of e-procurement documents, offers and other documents in external relationships.

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Preservation of evidence in the e-archive

Preservation of evidence value of digital files with time stamps in the electronic archive (e.g. QM documents) with digiSeal®archive.

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  • »Despite digitization, the process flow for our employees has hardly changed. The company seal is created completely automatically – without the editor noticing.«

    Olaf Andler, International technical management and support
    Testo Industrial Services

  • Salzburg AG Logo - secrypt GmbH»The digital document release process with digiSeal®office has many advantages for us. It is always clear where the document is at the moment. This is an enormous relief for the signatories.«

    Harald Zeirzer, IT-project head, Salzburg AG

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