. Electronic seal - official seal & company stamp
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Electronic seal - official seal & company stamp

What is the electronic seal?

The electronic seal is an EU-wide recognized signature tool for legal entities according to eIDAS regulation and reliably proves the origin (authenticity) and the intactness (integrity) of documents. It is the digital stamp for companies and organizations in the private sector, for public authorities and for healthcare institutions.

How big is your e-seal project?

You want to seal a few individual documents?

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You want to seal documents in batches?

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Your benefits

  • Legally effective – recognised proof of the origin and integrity of documents
  • Effective – no media breaks in electronic business processes
  • Legally compliant – carry out standard-compliant and legally compliant administrative processes
  • Certified – highest data security, guaranteed by trusted service provider
  • Flexible – protect account statements, invoices, notices, documents, certificates, scanned documents (TR RESISCAN) and much more
  • »The electronic seal offers a perfect alternative to the electronic signature and increases confidence in digital processes.«

    Olaf Andler, Testo Industrial Services

Manual sealing of individual documents

A single sealing card, a card reader and the software digiSeal®office are used. The PIN for the sealing card must be entered once for each e-seal that is attached to a PDF document, for example.

Single sealing card

Card reader

Sealing software

Manual sealing of document batches

A multi-sealing card, a card reader and the stack-processable software digiSeal®office pro are required. To seal the entire batch, e.g. 25 PDF documents, the PIN only needs to be entered once (not 25x) and each individual document receives an e-seal.

Multi-sealing card

Card reader

Batch sealing software

Central high performance sealing

The server-based sealing software digiSeal®server is installed in the secure environment of a server room or data center. Depending on the desired performance, one or more Multi Sealing Cards and the corresponding number of card readers are used. Rights management specifies that only employees and processes that are entitled to (or carry) the seal can trigger the e-seal.

Multi-sealing card

Card reader

E-seal server software

Hardware Security Module (HSM) with E-seal
for high-volume use

Solution package consisting of server software digiSeal®server and HSM Utimaco CryptoServer CP5

  • Secure data center operation on site at the customer (“on premise”)
  • For high-volume and flexible E-seal applications
  • HSM enables up to 3,000 RSA or 2,500 ECDSA sealing operations per second
  • Powerful alternative to E-seal cards

E-sealing process with optional authentication

E-seal applications

  • Official notices, certifications, documents, certificates
  • Bank statements and invoices
  • Offers and eProcurement documents
  • Call recordings (audio files)
  • Business correspondence, outgoing and incoming mail
  • Nursing documentation, uncritical laboratory findings
  • Replacing scanning (integrity assurance according to BSI TR RESISCAN)
  • Digital archiving
  • Tax certificates
  • Salary statements for credit applications

Single/stack sealingDigiSeal Office - secrypt GmbH

  • Low to medium document volume
  • Few documents to be sealed – individually or in a stack (25 to 500 files per stack)
  • Entry of the sealing card PIN for each individual document or document stack
  • Signature software digiSeal®office (pro) for the single workstation
More about digiSeal®office

Mass sealing DigiSeal Office Pro  - secrypt GmbH

  • Very high document volume (mass documents)
  • Sealing of thousands and millions of documents
  • No need to enter the sealing card PIN due to the automated process
  • High-performance signature server digiSeal®server
More about digiSeal®server

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