. digiSeal reader - free software for verifying e-signatures & e-seals
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digiSeal reader - free software for verifying e-signatures & e-seals

  • Verifies digital signatures, electronic seals and time stamps
  • Shows who has signed (authenticity)
  • Checks whether document has been manipulated (integrity)
  • Creates verification documentation as PDF/A and XML
  • Document encryption and decryption
  • According to EU regulation eIDAS

Easily Verify Digitally Signed Documents

Download digiSeal®reader now

  • Current version 6.0
  • For Microsoft Windows 11 / 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7
  • Filename: setup_digiSeal_reader.exe
  • File size: approx. 30 MB

digiSeal®reader Application Examples

for example, verification of the following digital documents

  • Contracts, business correspondence
  • Physician’s letters, findings, laboratory requirements, patient files
  • Electronic invoices, e-procurement and online tenders
  • Quality management (QM) documents
  • Construction drawings, building plans
  • Complaints, requests for reminders, notices, examination certificates

Documents with an electronic signature ensure legally compliant business processes in the digital world. They are sent by e-mail after signing. The recipient of the signed electronic document can easily check this with the digiSeal® reader from secrypt – and thus determine its authenticity (truthfulness) and integrity (non-genuine). The widely used inspection software is thus designed for the verification of individual digitally signed documents at the workplace, e. g. electronically signed contracts (eContracts), expert opinions and invoices (e. g. according to the ZUGFeRD standard).

  • Use digiSeal®server for automated verification and processing of large amounts of documents.

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* The licenser makes freeware products available for use permanently without charge to the following user groups (licensees): consumers (according to § 13 BGB), commercial/business users (e.g. companies, institutions, organisations) up to 50 (fifty) employees.
If your company/organisation is bigger than that, please use the contact form to request an offer.