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Signature on tablet - Biometric signature - secrypt GmbH

  • Familiar signature: with pen on tablet instead of paper
  • No more printing, signing and scanning
  • In patient admission, in customer contracts, in internal organization processes

This is how it works

Using a pen and tablet and the digiSeal®signature software, individual signature features (“biometric data”: e.g. writing pressure, writing speed, writing acceleration) are captured and embedded in the digital PDF document, taking data protection into account.

For the implementation of complex signature processes in a company with high compliance requirements, the tablet signature can also be combined with a qualified electronic signature using a signature card (“combined signature”).

Digitale Unterschrift auf Tablet mit Produkten der secrypt GmbH

Procedure using the example of patient admission

Unterschrift auf Tablet mit Lösungen der secrypt GmbH
  • Individual discussion between patient and doctor or employee including filling in the electronic document, e.g. treatment contract.

  • Patient confirmed to have understood all explanations.

  • Patient signs on signature tablet and his biometric signature (e.g. write pressure, write speed, write acceleration) is embedded in the document in encrypted form.

  • Doctor or employee signs immediately afterwards with signature card (qualified signature), e.g. health professional card (HBA), and confirms that patient has signed in his presence. The document is digitally'sealed'.

  • Storing the electronically signed document in the digital archive, where it is quickly available throughout the organization in PDF/A format, for example.


  • Efficient generation of signatures on digital documents
  • Fulfilment of compliance guidelines and normative requirements
  • Easy and comfortable handling
  • Uniform integration in document management systems (e.g. DMS, archive)
  • Optional: Signature with tablet and signature card in one application (“combination signature”)

Application scenarios

  • Patient treatment contracts in a medical practice
  • Operating and work instructions in a company
  • Purchase contracts at the point of sale (POS) of a bank
  • Insurance contracts in the field

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