. About us - The e-signature experts introduce themselves - secrypt GmbH
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About us - The e-signature experts introduce themselves - secrypt GmbH

  • E-signature experts since 2002
  • Manipulation protection and proof of copyright for digital documents
  • No more printing, signing and scanning
  • digiSeal® software solutions for client and server
  • Compliant with EU Regulation eIDAS-VO
  • Widely used and integrated into numerous partner products
  • »Business processes and documents are becoming increasingly digital. Electronic identities and signature tools create the necessary trust.«

    Dipl.-Ing. Tatami M. Michalek, Managing Director Consulting & Sales

  • »The challenge is to make the necessary complex e-signature technology conveniently usable for users and partners.«

    Dipl.-Math. Matthias Schlede,
    Managing Director Research & Development

Profile & Solutions

secrypt GmbH was founded in 2002 with headquarters in Berlin. The founders and managing directors are Dipl.-Ing. Tatami Michalek (consulting and sales) and Dipl.-Math. Matthias Schlede (research and development).

secrypt GmbH specialises in solutions for optimising and securing electronic business processes while guaranteeing authenticity, protection against manipulation and confidentiality of digital data. For this purpose, the company offers software solutions around legally compliant e-signatures, e-seals and timestamps taking into account the legal framework (e.g. EU regulation eIDAS, German trust services law and state legislation).

Excellent safety

The client- and server-based digiSeal®-products cover the entire signature lifecycle – from signature generation and signature verification to preservation of evidence in the digital archive. The digiSeal® signature components are integrated into the IT solutions of numerous providers (e.g. ERP, ECM, DMS, Archive, KIS, PVS, Capture) and have been awarded the quality seal “IT Security made in Germany”.

Range of services

  • Solutions for electronic signatures, e-seals and timestamps
  • Individual, batch and mass processing of documents
  • With signature card, health professional card (HBA), smartphone, hardware security module (HSM), signature tablet (biometric signature), USB token etc.
  • From signing original digital documents (contracts, doctor’s letters, notifications, etc.) to replacing scans (patient files, etc.) with integrity protection (BSI TR-RESISCAN)
  • Conservation of evidence values with timestamps in the e-archive (BSI TR-ESOR cryptomodule)
  • PDF/A as an archivable document format

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Consistent digital business processes / Protection against cyber-document forgery / High evidential value of electronic documents