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EU regulation eIDAS
secrypt-Produkte entsprechen den Regelungen der EU-Verordnung eIDAS-VO
E-seal for the digital age
Legally compliant and EU-wide accepted

Electronic seal: Your digital stamp

Tamper protection and proof of origin for digital documents in your organisation

Qualified seal card by D-TRUST GmbH, the accredited and qualified trust service provider of Germany's Bundesdruckerei

Qualified seal card by D-TRUST GmbH, the accredited and qualified trust service provider of Germany's Bundesdruckerei

The electronic seal, which is an EU-wide recognised signature tool for legal entities in accordance with the eIDAS regulation, reliably verifies the origin and integrity of documents. It is the digital stamp for private sector companies and organisations, public authorities and healthcare institutions.

Your benefits

  1. Legally effective: provides recognised proof of the origin and integrity of documents
  2. Effective: no media interruptions in your electronic business processes
  3. Legally secure: enables standards-compliant and legally secure administrative procedures
  4. Certified: maximum data security, guaranteed by trusted service providers
    E-Siegel mit digiSeal office am Einzelarbeitsplatz erzeugen

    Manually sealing individual documents

    A seal card, smartcard reader and the digiSeal® office software are used. For each electronic seal that is to be affixed, for example, to a PDF document, the PIN for the seal card must be entered once.

    Manually sealing batch documents

    This requires a multi-seal card, smartcard reader and the batch processing-capable digiSeal® office pro software. For sealing the entire batch, for example 25 PDF documents, the PIN only needs to be entered once (not 25 times), and each individual document is then furnished with an electronic seal.

      Central high performing sealing with digiSeal server

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      Central, high-performing seals

      The server-based sealing software digiSeal® server is installed in the secure environment of a server room or data centre. Depending on the desired performance, one or more multi-seal cards and the corresponding number of smartcard readers are used. A legal management system ensures that only authorised employees (seal holders) and processes can trigger the electronic seal.

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        Diverse applications for electronic seals

        • Official notifications, notarisations, deeds, certificates
        • Bank statements and invoices
        • Bids and e-tender documents
        • Voice memos (audio files)
        • Business correspondence, outgoing and incoming mail
        • Medical documentation, uncritical laboratory findings
        • Replacement scanning (integrity assurance)
        • Digital archiving
        • Proof of salary for credit applications