Is the signature genuine?
Verify any electronically signed and timestamped documents

digiSeal reader – Free software for verifying signatures and timestamps

Verify signed and timestamped documents easily and quickly, and produce verification documentation

digiSeal® reader download
  • Official version 3.9
  • For Microsoft Windows® 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP
  • File name: setup_digiSeal_reader.exe
  • File size: Approx. 26 MB


eIDAS ready

Documents furnished with an electronic signature ensure legally compliant business processes in the digital world. After signing, they are sent, for example, by email. The recipient of the signed electronic document can easily check it with the free digiSeal® reader from secrypt – and thus verify its authenticity and integrity. The widely used verification software from secrypt is intended for verifying individual, digitally signed documents in the workplace, such as electronically signed contracts, survey reports, construction plans or invoices.

digiSeal® reader checks all standard signature formats


For automatically verifying and processing large document volumes you can use digiSeal® server.

Features at a glance

  • Verification of qualified, advanced and simple signatures and timestamps
  • Signature verification locally and online at a trust centre
  • Verification for all standard signature formats: PDF embedded (PDF/A), PKCS#7, XML (DSig and XAdES), EDI, 2D barcode stores signature on paper
  • Signature verification documentation as PDF/A and XML
  • En- and decryption of documents with a certificate / password
  • incl. PDF viewer
  • Interoperability thanks to international standards