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Pixel for pixel for pixel
Paper-based processes and documents
with security and efficiency

digiSeal 2D barcode – The paper data storage system
for high demands

High-performing 2D barcode for robustly storing large data volumes on paper

Thanks to innovative generation and recognition methods, the digiSeal® 2d barcode developed and patented by secrypt ensures a very high data density combined with considerable robustness. This gives it a decisive advantage over conventional 2D barcodes such as DataMatrix or PDF-417. These are generally unable to store large data volumes across a suitably limited area.

The digiSeal® 2d barcode directly transfers application data (e.g. XML) to the form

The digiSeal® 2d barcode directly transfers application data (e.g. XML) to the form

Application examples

  • Efficient capturing of form data using paper-based business processes without error-prone OCR, 100% data quality
  • Protects paper hardcopies of electronically signed documents against manipulation
  • Machine-readable security feature on ID documents (storage of biometric data)

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Features at a glance

  • The high data density enables the storage of very extensive data sets
  • Extremely robust thanks to error correction (Reed-Solomon coding) and data redundancy
  • Only requires simple and cheap hardware for the generation (e.g. inkjet printers) and verification (e.g. flatbed scanner)
  • The individual parameters (surface area, data density and data redundancy) can be flexibly configured for different printer and scanner qualities and document layouts
  • SDK (Software Development Kit) for Linux and Windows