Accredited timestamps

The official digital time for long-term archiving, signature renewal and incoming post stamps

In the digital world, changes to document content or data cannot be immediately recognised. Nevertheless, with archived documents such as medical reports, personnel files or payment-relevant receipts at social insurance agencies, it must be possible to prove that they are still in their original condition, even after longer periods of time.

Electronic timestamps provide a suitable means for meeting this requirement: they reliably confirm that specific digital data or documents existed in a specific condition, and not otherwise, at a specific time. Time stamps are not determined by a local computer but are generated by an accredited trust centre and are therefore based on an official time. Accredited providers such as D-TRUST GmbH (a subsidiary of the Bundesdruckerei Group) guarantee that the timestamps issued by them can be validated for 30 years. This period is additionally guaranteed by the German Federal Network Agency (BNA).

Using timestamp services with digiSeal® products

The digiSeal® product range enables communication with and use of timestamp services from accredited trust centres and other providers in accordance with the international RFC 3161 standard. Timestamps can therefore be easily integrated into existing business processes and applications such as archive systems.

The digiSeal® server signature server software, the digiSeal® office signature software for individual workstations and the digiSeal® archive software for the long-term management of signed data provide convenient interfaces (APIs) for integrating timestamps.

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