Protect documents and data with electronic signatures

Sign individual and batch documents /
Centralised, automatic mass signing and verification

Electronically generated documents and data can be changed without being noticed – often to the detriment of the author. When looking at the documents it is often difficult to tell whether they are still genuine and unchanged or have been manipulated.

Electronic signatures solve this problem and protect these documents. They ensure the authenticity and integrity of the electronic documents and prevent unnoticed manipulation. They enable business processes to be conducted completely electronically and thus offer considerable savings potential.

The appropriate signature level for every application scenario

Different signature levels can be deployed in accordance with the application case, ranging from the "advanced" signature to the so-called "qualified" electronic signature that replaces the handwritten signature. The qualified signature certificate has to be stored on a signature chip card ("secure signature creation device"), which the user receives on registering with a trust centre ("certification service provider").

Individual, batch or mass signature?

Depending on the document type, number of documents, the security requirements and the desired degree of automation, documents and data can be processed individually, in batches or in a mass process.


Signing individual documents

Any documents to be signed that have their own specific, individual content, such as a contract, are viewed individually in the digiSeal® office signature software and are displayed in a Secure Viewer. Here the signatory can verify the correctness of the content and electronically sign the documents individually by entering a PIN (qualified signature with signature chip card) or a password (advanced signature with software certificate), i.e. the PIN or the password must be entered for each document.

Signing individual documents with digiSeal® office


Signing batch documents

In certain application areas, it would be too time consuming to enter a PIN for each document. With scanning and signing, for example, entire scanned batches are processed. To ensure the process efficiency, batch signatures are therefore deployed. Here, the batch documents to be signed are specifically defined using the digiSeal® office pro signature software. The documents in the batch can be verified in their entirety or by taking random samples. The entire batch is then signed by entering the PIN just once. When using qualified electronic signatures, a multisign card is used that enables several signatures to be generated with a single PIN entry.

Signing batch documents with digiSeal® office pro


Centralised automatic mass signature and verification

For processing mass receipts in automatic processes, such as uncritical laboratory test results in a hospital or electronic invoices, it makes sense to use a powerful signature server. The documents and data can be transferred from existing systems (e.g. ERP, DMS, output management) to digiSeal® server via different interfaces and connectors. This carries out the automatic, high-performance signature generation and/or signature verification as well as other processing stages. When using qualified electronic signatures, specific security requirements must be observed.

Automatically signing with digiSeal® server (mass signature)

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