Sign electronically on the signature pad

Electronic signature tablets for more efficient and ecological business processes

By using signature pads and corresponding software PDF documents can be digitally signed, among them sales contracts at banks’ points of sale (POS), outside sales’ insurance contracts, patient treatment contracts in medical practices and operating and work instructions in companies. The signature is affixed as usual using a pen directly on the tablet instead of on paper, whereby the biometric features of the signature (including handwriting pressure, speed and acceleration) are captured and embedded in the digital document taking data protection requirements into consideration.

Combined signature: signature on tablet + signature with signature card

For complex signature processes in companies with high compliance requirements the signature pad can be combined with a qualified electronic signature created by a signature card. This procedure is called combined signature.

Example work instructions:

Signature tablet for efficient signature processes

Signature pad for efficient signature processes

  1. Discussion between the employee and the supervisor including a review of the electronic document.
  2. The employee confirms that he has understood all the explanations.
  3. The employee signs on the signature tablet and his biometric signature (including handwriting pressure, speed and acceleration) is embedded in the document in encrypted form.
  4. The supervisor then signs immediately afterwards with the signature card (qualified signature) and confirms that the employee has signed in his presence. The document is digitally 'sealed'.
  5. The electronically signed document is then stored in the digital archive, where it can be quickly accessed throughout the organization, e.g. in PDF/A format.

Features at a glance:

  • Efficient generation of signatures on digital documents
  • Meets compliance guidelines and standards-based requirements
  • Easy and convenient usage
  • Uniform integration in document management systems (e.g. HIS, DMS, archive)
  • Optional: Signature with tablet and signature card in one application



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