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digiSeal® 2d barcode product sheet (PDF)

Pixel for pixel for pixel
Paper-based processes and documents
with security and efficiency

Paper-based data with the patented 2D barcode

Data transport on paper-based forms with media discontinuity / Protection against manipulation with printed out signatures / Biometric features on ID documents

The digiSeal® 2d barcode developed by secrypt has a very high data density and enables intelligent paper-based business processes. In combination with electronic signatures and biometric data, it ensures protection against manipulation and security for sensitive, sovereign documents.

The patented 2D barcode transports comprehensive form data, e.g. for car insurance applications

2D barcode transports comprehensive form data

UseCase: Efficiently capture form data,
accelerate processes and optimise data quality

Although digital data transmission is taking on increasing importance for handling business processes, there are still often media discontinuities, whereby paper is still the most important means for transferring information. Although the author might enter data (e.g. with insurance applications) on a computer screen using a corresponding software mask, the document is then frequently printed out because the customer has to sign it and then send the document by post to the headquarters (e.g. an insurance company). There, entering the recorded form data into the back-end system is a very time consuming and expensive process that is mostly done by hand.

Solution: The extensive data is stored in the digiSeal® 2d barcode when it is printed out on paper. For the author of the document, nothing changes in terms of the process: the document is printed out as usual, sent by post and scanned in by the recipient. The 2D barcode is read and the entire form data is available, with 100% data quality, for further processing in the back-end system. This therefore makes the capturing process quicker, more efficient and cheaper.

Manipulation protection for paper-based documents with the patented 2D barcode and electronic signature

Manipulation protection with the 2D barcode and electronic signature

UseCase: Protect paper hardcopies of electronically signed documents against manipulation

By combining the powerful 2D barcode technology with electronic signatures, secrypt enables verifiable and legally binding hardcopies of electronically signed documents, whereby the entire content of the document, the signature and the signature certificate are stored in the digiSeal® 2d barcode on the paper hardcopy. The document can be checked to ensure that it has not been manipulated and to verify the origin using a simple scanner and the free digiSeal® reader software, e.g. for protecting consignment notes, release certificates and quality documents in sensitive sectors such as the aerospace industry.

Robust storage of biometric features on ID documents using the patented 2D barcode

Robust storage of biometric features

UseCase: Security feature on ID documents

The digiSeal® 2d barcode enables machine-readable (biometric) information to be stored as an additional security feature on identification documents, e.g.:

  • Personal ID cards
  • Company ID
  • Driving licences
  • Medical insurance cards
  • Patient ID cards
  • Student ID cards