Mobile signature: electronic signature with smartphone

Convenient and simple eSignature according to new EU regulation eIDAS

From 1 July 2016, the “Regulation on electronic identification and trust services for electronic transactions in the internal market“ (eIDAS) applies in all EU Member States. In this context, new signature processes will gain in importance; for example the triggering of qualified electronic signatures using the widely available and popular smartphone (remote signature).

Efficient business processes with mobile signature solutions

Mobile phone signatures, also known as remote signatures, enable documents to be digitally signed in seconds. In addition to signature cards, smartphones therefore offer another convenient and cost-effective channel for utilising qualified electronic signatures, which provide authenticity and integrity for electronic documents and enable continuous digital business processes without paper.

Possible mode of operation

It is currently being discussed at the EU level how remote signatures should be structured in regards to convenience and security (including 2-factor authentication). The following procedure is conceivable:

Mobile signature with smartphone

Mobile signature with smartphone

  1. The user opens the document, for example in DMS, and clicks the "sign" button
  2. Signature request is sent to trust centre; authentication starts, e.g. with smsTAN; trust centre sends an authentication request to the mobile phone number and the user enters TAN on the computer screen (also alternatives to smsTAN can be used)
  3. The trust centre verifies the TAN, generates the signature and sends it to the user.


  • signing digital documents efficiently
  • without smart card and card reader
  • Meet compliance guidelines and standards-based requirements
  • Easy and convenient to use
  • Uniform integration in document management systems (e.g. DMS, archive)

Application scenarios

  • document release processes
  • contracts, business correspondence, invoices
  • medical records, diagnostic reports
  • statements of claims, notifications
  • eTendering and online tenders
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