Incorporation of electronic signatures
by software producers

Deep integration of efficient signature processes
via simple and transparent APIs in the facilities’ IT systems

Because of the legal requirements, standardisation and the increasing requirements for integration and efficient, easy-to-use UseCases, the secrypt components are designed to be very easily integrated. The signature generation process, signature verification and long-term management are standardised and configured for the respective facility. Efficient and user-friendly applications are one of secrypt’s strengths and therefore offer scope for individuality.


Elimination of workarounds

It’s important that propriety solutions are not implemented for every signature application, for instance via workarounds. Instead, all signature processes should be incorporated into the relevant IT systems via a uniform and transparent API layer.

eHealth applications

eHealth applications should allow for the verification of electronic signatures in order to provide valid medical data. This is conducted via corresponding external verification services based on secrypt components.

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