Electronic signatures for medical facilities

Concrete solutions for individual documents and mass data:
Simple, future-proof, economic and proven in practice!

Large volumes of documents are continuously created during daily working processes, both in electronic and paper form – ranging from medical reports and test results to applications, appraisals, invoices and much more.

Based on its experience in the healthcare sector, secrypt GmbH offers flexible components and solutions that enable medical facilities such as clinics, hospitals, medical practices and healthcare centres to deploy simple and efficient processes that utilise electronic signatures. This enables the use of paper to be avoided in a legally secure manner and, where paper has to be scanned, enables it to be digitalised in accordance with the applicable regulations and recommendations of the health sector.

Picture of Markus Stein, Head of Patient Management at the ETHIANUM Clinic in Heidelberg

"As one of the most modern medical competence centres in Europe, we have high quality requirements and predominantly work paper-free using simple-to-use signature processes. secrypt GmbH is our partner for implementing an appropriate combination of legally compliant solutions that provide us with future-proofness and investment security."

Markus Stein, Head of Patient Management at the ETHIANUM Clinic in Heidelberg


This takes into account legal requirements that contain normative provisions, such as the national signature legislation. In addition, it fulfils guidelines from associations and institutions (e.g. in Germany: GMDS, BVMI, bvitg, CCeSigG, BVA) that provide relevant recommendations.

The solutions must be legally compliant and must be …
… capable of being integrated reliably, quickly, economically and with little training
… easy to use
… be capable of being operated with a high process quality

The reliability of the architecture and the long-term stability of the signed data, documents and files are decisive for protecting investments and securing electronic files in the long term.

Overall IT architecture with the signature solution

Overall IT architecture with the signature solution

Integration in existing IT infrastructures

For the interaction of central applications such as hospital information (HMS), document management (DMS) and archiving systems, secrypt has developed simple integration options that facilitate the integration of electronic signatures and the systematic development of the process: the use of batch signatures when producing documents in the HMS or DMS at the end of the working day can be easily learned and is just one immediate example of the time saved relative to paper-based processes. In addition, replacement scanning in accordance with industry recommendations makes it possible to present a complete medical record for a patient – irrespective of a document’s genesis or creation date in relation to past cases.

Tested in practice

Various users are already successfully signing with secrypt and utilise the clearly structured development levels for increasing integration in hospital information systems, the standardised processes for signature renewal and archiving as well as the security and efficiency provided by secrypt products.


If you have any questions about secrypt products regarding …

  • UseCases and practice examples
  • Meeting archiving obligations
  • Integration in hospital information systems, document management and archiving systems as well as in sub-systems
  • Overall architecture and processes
  • Meeting guidelines provided by professional associations as well as providing interoperability and investment protection
  • Your specific objectives and challenges

… then please feel free to get in touch with our experts  who have years of experience.

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