Electronic "in the cloud" invoicing

Cost-efficient processing of eBilling services via external service providers

Do it yourself or have it done by others?

This is a question that many companies are asking themselves when it comes to the cost-effective implementation of more or less complex IT-based business processes.

Particularly in the B2B sector, technical hurdles are caused by the heterogeneous IT landscapes. An efficient and reliable alternative is to outsource the outbound and inbound invoicing processes to specialised service providers. They meet all statutory provisions and carry out the necessary tasks for ensuring smooth invoice processing between the business partners.

Should a company decide not to develop and operate its own eBilling solution, a range of professional external service providers are available that provide legally compliant "eBilling in the cloud" services, whereby numerous service providers utilise eBilling solutions from secrypt on behalf of their customers.

"eBilling in the cloud" services based on digiSeal® server

"eBilling in the cloud" services based on digiSeal® server

Services for invoice dispatchers and recipients

  • Data transfer between the customer system and the service provider system
  • Data conversion
  • Support of a diverse range of data formats
  • Signature generation
  • Signature verification including logging
  • Workflow
  • Dispatch via various channels
  • On-demand archiving to meet statutory record retention periods

Services for paper invoices

Some of the service providers that work together with secrypt likewise offer solutions for the physical receipt of invoices with different working stages (e.g. sorting, scanning, data entry and control, booking, storage) as well as "hybrid" invoicing, where paper or electronic invoices are sent in accordance with the recipients’ wishes.

Are you interested in an external solution?

We will be pleased to advise you and to establish contact with one of our service provider partners.

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