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50 - 80%
… savings due to electronic invoices
(Billentis Market Report 2015)

Electronic invoicing

Internationally standardised solutions for secure eBilling with electronic signatures

Electronic invoicing offers companies of all sizes and from all sectors enormous savings potential – ranging from the time spent and the material and postage costs to the archiving in accordance with statutory retention periods. With cost savings between 6.60 and 11.20 euros on average per invoice, the ROI is soon achieved.


“With around 130,000 outgoing invoices per year, converting to electronic invoicing with digiSeal® server from secrypt has saved us time, resources and costs. We are also protecting the environment. Our business partners can also automatically process the electronically signed invoices very conveniently. eBilling with secrypt therefore offers tangible benefits for both sides.“

Christian Pilzer, Head of Finance & Controlling, Garmin


However, in order to benefit from these advantages, specific legal requirements must be fulfilled. For example, the authenticity of the origin and the integrity of the content of the electronic invoice must be ensured. It is only then that eBilling is acceptable for the purposes of reclaiming input VAT.

Electronic signatures meet these requirements and are standardised internationally.

Added value of eBilling

  • No media discontinuity, processing stages are integrated within a streamlined process
  • Increased automation of the individual process levels
  • Considerable saving effects throughout the entire process
  • Provides liquidity benefits and increases cash flow
  • Meets compliance requirements
  • The signed invoice document is authentic and has integrity
eBilling process with digiSeal® server

eBilling process with digiSeal® server

eBilling solutions for dispatchers and recipients

The client- and server-based eBilling solutions offered by secrypt’s digiSeal® product range are able to generate and verify electronically signed invoices and can be scaled to document volumes of all sizes. They take into account all relevant legal provisions (EU directives and national legislation) and can be used internationally.

Customers who do not want to develop their own eBilling system can deploy external service providers, who work together with secrypt in partnership to carry out the corresponding processing stages, including the archiving.

Inbound invoicing – solved intelligently

The processes with inbound electronic invoicing are often complicated and elaborate. Inbound electronic invoices arrive in companies via a diverse range of routes, pass through several stages and are then archived. secrypt offers intelligent solutions for electronically mapping these processes including the signature verification.


Integration in existing workflows and systems

The connection to the merchandise management/ERP system and the electronic archive is achieved via software connectors (e.g. for SAP®), a programming interface (API) and a standard directory interface ("hot folder").