Registration service

Conveniently apply for signature cards from your own offices

High security standards have to be met when applying for and issuing signature cards, whereby documents for identifying the applicants must be submitted, e.g. concerning their company affiliation. Applications for several signature cards can take up considerable time and effort, and should therefore be coordinated.

The registration service for D-TRUST signature cards manages the complicated paperwork on your behalf. One of D-Trust's Web RA officers (subsidiary of the Federal Printing Office / Bundesdruckerei) will carry out the legally required identification of the applicants in your own offices. The Web RA officers have been certified and are authorised to carry out the legally required identification.

Every member of staff who requires a signature card should make sure they have the following documents with them:

  • Their respective personal ID cards or
  • Their passports (both must be valid for at least one month)

The Web RA officer checks all the required documents, conducts the identification and forwards the application to D-TRUST which will then send the respective signature cards to each applicant within two to three weeks.

Advantages – “Everything from a single source”

  • D-Trust staff members will provide help in filling in the application forms
  • Applicants save on the time and effort required when using the PostIdent procedure
  • All the paperwork is carried out on the spot in your own offices with D-Trust staff members
  • Companies can avoid having to pay for NotarIdent procedures (notarised identification of the applicant’s personal signature)
  • Further required documents (certifying the company and the company affiliation, i.e. a certified extract from the commercial register and an additional form for confirming the applicant’s company affiliation) are only required once for all applicants
  • The identification takes place in your own offices, which saves time
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