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digiSeal® server product sheet (PDF)

"We were looking for a very flexible and well structured company providing efficient solutions and correct support."

Marc Lenain, Manager Vehicle & Billing Team, Mazda Europe

eBilling & eInvoicing

Compliant with EU Directive 2006/112/EC, international regulations and national legislation

Usable worldwide, e.g. in the EU, Switzerland, the USA and Brazil

Internationally standardised process ensuring authenticity and integrity

In next to no time
Protect your sensitive data and documents
against manipulation

digiSeal server – The signature server for automated mass signing and time stamping

High-performance server software for automatically securing documents centrally

eIDAS ready

The digiSeal® server software solution automatically generates and verifies electronic signatures and timestamps on a large scale.

Application examples

  • Signing business correspondence, machine logs, invoices as part of international eInvoicing projects, any content requiring protection
  • Electronic timestamp for incoming post
  • Automatic verification of signed data including the verification documentation prior to archiving
digiSeal® server functions can be easily integrated

digiSeal® server functions can be easily integrated

Modular principle enables
process modelling and flexibility

The functions Sign, Verify, Timestamp, Encrypt and Send can be modulated in accordance with your individual processes and administered and operated in parallel via a user-friendly user interface. Based on this concept, numerous well-known outsourcing service providers such as arvato-Bertelsmann and EURO-LOG deploy digiSeal® server as their underlying technology for implementing signature services.


Integration in existing systems (e.g. DMS, ERP, workflow, archive) with ...

  • Connectors (e.g. email/ SMTP, SAP)
  • Transparent programming interfaces (API)
  • Directories ("hot folders")
  • Partner integrations

Features at a glance

  • Nationally and internationally widespread and proven
  • Interoperability thanks to international standards
  • User administration with role concept and differentiated access rights (administrator, user, etc)
  • Qualified and advanced electronic signatures
  • Signature verification documentation as PDF/A and XML
  • Free choice of formats: PDF, PDF/A, XML, ASCII, TIFF, IDOC, EDI etc.
  • Signature formats: PDF embedded (PDF/A), PKCS#7, XML (DSig and XAdES), EDI, 2D barcode stores signature on paper
  • Legally compliant signature application components