digiSeal PDF library – The function library
for PDF and PDF/A documents

Development tool for rendering and editing the Portable Document Format (PDF) and the PDF/A archiving format

The digiSeal® PDF library provides application developers with the main functionalities for PDF documents and the PDF/A archiving format – completely independent of Adobe products.

One of the strengths of the function library developed by secrypt is its rendering and visualisation of PDF documents. These processes normally present a particular challenge, but thanks to the digiSeal® PDF library they can now be easily implemented.

The digiSeal® PDF library enables developers to easily integrate these and other functions into their own applications – without having to deal with the complex technical details inherent to PDF technology. This saves resources and creates scope for optimising the core applications.

Application examples

  • Integrating PDF viewer in your own client applications (OEM)
    e.g. like in our free signature verification software digiSeal® reader
  • High-volume, server-based document conversion
    e.g. TIF2PDF/A for archiving, PDF2TIF for further OCR processing
  • Archive migration


  • High Level API with C-interface
  • For Windows and Linux
  • Thread-safe
  • Stabile implementation for 24/7 server operation


  • PDF rendering / visualisation
  • PDF to TIF
  • PDF to BMP
  • PDF to PNG
  • PDF to PDF/A
  • TIF to PDF/A
  • XPS to PDF/A
  • PDF split
  • PDF attach
  • PDF append
  • PDF rotate
  • Generate and share PDF collection
  • PDF encrypt
  • ...

secrypt GmbH has been developing software for securing data and documents since 2002, whereby the focus is on the widely used PDF and PDF/A formats. secrypt is an active member of the PDF/A Competence Center, which belongs to the PDF Association.



If you would like to integrate PDF or PDF/A functionalities in your software application, we would be pleased to provide you with individual advice. You can try out the digiSeal® PDF library for 30 days free of charge and with no obligation.

Tel.: +49 30 756 59 78 0

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