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digiSeal® office product sheet (PDF)

"Eliminating media discontinuities has enabled us to accelerate processes and increase security ..."

Project Manager, German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF)

It begins in the office
Those who work effectively
should also consider how they sign

digiSeal office (pro) – signature software for individual workstations

Secure, simple and legally compliant: Digitally sign documents of your choice

eIDAS ready

In daily working life several documents are constantly being created that have to be signed. With the help of the signature software digiSeal® office (pro) these documents can be signed electronically. The electronic signature replaces the handwritten signature and thus enables efficient, digitally streamlined document workflows. Moreover, it ensures authenticity and integrity of digital documents and protects them against manipulations.

digitally sign documents with digiseal office

digiSeal® office – digitally sign individual documents

And this is how it works: The signatory verifies the correctness of the content and electronically signs the document by entering a PIN (qualified signature with signature chip card) or a password (advanced signature with software certificate). The PIN or the password must be entered for each document. The electronic signature may also be combined with a readable, graphic signet (e.g. a scanned signature, company logo or emblem) that can be placed at the desired position in the PDF document.

digiSeal® office pro – digitally sign batch documents in one go

The advanced software version digiSeal® office pro additionally provides batch signing for a range of differently sized document batches: depending on the product version, it signs up to 25, 100, 250 or 500 documents in one go with just a single PIN entry. The PIN for the entire batch of documents only has to be entered once (prerequisite: use of multisign (multiple signature) card). An individual signature is nevertheless generated for each document.


Application examples

  • Contracts
  • Business correspondence
  • Medical records and diagnostic reports
  • eTendering and online tenders
  • Quality management (QM) documents
  • Construction drawings and building plans
  • Electronic invoices in accordance with the EU Invoicing Directive and national legislation
  • Scanning and signing existing files

Integration in existing systems (e.g. DMS, ERP, workflow, archive) with ...

  • Printer drivers
  • Transparent programming interfaces (API)
  • Partner integrations (e.g. DMS, HIS...)
  • Connectors for standard business platforms (e.g. SAP)

Features at a glance

  • Interoperability thanks to international standards
  • Qualified, advanced and simple electronic signatures
  • Signature formats: PDF embedded (PDF/A), PKCS#7, XML (DSig and XAdES), EDI, 2D barcode stores signature on paper
  • Multiple signatures in a single document
  • Signature cards and software certificate can be deployed
  • Secure PIN entry directly on the smart card reader
  • Mailing with standard email programs
  • En- and decryption with certificate / password
  • Signature verification document as PDF/A and XML in many different languages
  • Terminal server: executable under Windows Terminal Server and Citrix MetaFrame / Citrix Presentation Server
  • Legally compliant signature application components