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A bumpy or smooth ride?
Efficiently release electronic documents
by replacing paper-based signatures

Release process-supporting documents
with electronic signatures

Digitally streamline work processes and increase compliance

Continuous, digitally streamlined workflows offer many advantages in terms of efficiency, quickness and costs, and also increase compliance in companies.

However, a substantial hurdle stands in the way of these goals: many process-supporting documents have to be printed out because, since they require a signature that generally has to be written by hand, the digital workflow is interrupted.

Paperbound release processes therefore consume considerable time and resources: once they have been signed, the documents are frequently only handed onto the next department after a delay – or completely vanish. Missed deadlines and efficiency losses are the result. In addition, the archiving costs are high.

The use of electronic signatures prevents the digital work processes from being interrupted.


“Converting from a paper-based process to a digital document release process with digiSeal® office from secrypt has provided us with many benefits. We have accelerated the process and thus save time and costs. In addition it is always clear where the document is currently located. We therefore meet internal compliance requirements. For the signatories, this process makes life much easier.”

Harald Zeirzer, IT Project Manager, Salzburg AG

Multistage release process with electronic signatures

Multistage release process with electronic signatures

Integrating electronic signatures
in existing workflows

There are several alternatives for technically integrating digiSeal® signature solutions in existing IT-based work processes or ones that are being newly developed, ranging from direct communication via transparent and convenient programming interfaces (API) to connectors for specific business platforms that secrypt offers together with its partners. We even offer an intelligent way to incorporate signature functionalities within simple workflow solutions, such as those based on Word templates.


Electronic signatures are able to replace handwritten signatures, such as when …

  • Signing contracts
  • Signing QM documents
  • Initialling construction drawings and building plans
  • Signing off orders
  • Confirming instructions
  • Approving applications for leave
  • ...