The signature level determines the signature equipment

Soft certificate or smart card reader and chip card for individual or multiple signatures

Signature equipment with a card reader, chip card and signature software

Signature equipment with a card reader, chip card and signature software

Criteria for determining the type of electronic signature and the respective signature level

  • the level of the probative value,
  • the type of certificate,
  • the method for applying for a certificate,
  • the place where the signature is generated and
  • the liability of the trust centres.

Depending on the requirements placed on the probative value, for example in order to comply with legal requirements or internal compliance guidelines, you can use qualified electronic signatures (with provider accreditation), advanced electronic signatures or simple electronic signatures.

  • Qualified electronic signatures replace the written form on paper required by law and are therefore equivalent to handwritten signatures. They have the highest probative value.
    In order to use them, you need a signature card (individual or multisign card), a smart card reader and suitable signature software.
  • Advanced electronic signatures make it possible to identify the signature key holder and, for example, their email address and to validate the integrity of the message. Their probative value is greater than simple electronic signatures.
    Their use requires a soft certificate (software-based certificate on various types of media such as a staff ID card, USB flash drive or hard drive).
  • The simplest form of signature is the simple electronic signature that does not require any special signature software. These include, for example, scanned signatures or the contact information at the end of emails with personal details. They can be used, for example, for informal agreements.
    No additional equipment is required for using simple electronic signatures.
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