09. December 2013

Vivantes hospitals: digital medical records with eSignature from secrypt

The biggest communal hospital corporation of Germany accepts a tender for a digital document management and archiving system including electronic signature

The Berlin based hospital group Vivantes has put out to tender a company-wide digital document management and archiving system including workflow control and electronic signature in 2012 – one of the biggest and most extensive DMS projects in the German Healthcare sector.

Goal of this project is to broadly avoid paper documents in medical records.

In a first sub-project the clinical and administrative medical record including MDK workflow and qualified signature solution is implemented. The signature components of secrypt GmbH ensure the authenticity and integrity of the sensitive documents within the digital medical record.

By means of qualified signature the legally binding signature is performed in a digital way and therefore paper archiving with an autographic signature is avoided. It is planned, that the final solution will support archiving into an IHE-compliant archive as well as the best possible preservation of the documents long term probative value by international standards  - namely LTANS/ERS.

During the further progress of the project also personal files, emails, office documents and facility management records will be archived and respective workflows are to be introduced.

About Vivantes:

The Vivantes Netzwerk für Gesundheit GmbH is an organization that runs 9 hospitals, 13 foster homes, 2 retirement homes, an ambulant rehabilitation facility, medical treatment centers, an ambulant nursing care as well as an affiliate for catering, cleaning and laundry. Every year one third of the patients in Berlin are being treated in one of the over 100 hospitals or entities of Vivantes. That is almost half a million treatments per year. The Vivantes hospital group treats at the moment about 215 000 stationary and 290 000 ambulant cases per year, employs about 14 000 employees and is therefore Germanys biggest communal hospital group.